Opening of the memorial plaque in tribute to writer Vasily Grossman


“Life and destiny”, “The Hell of Treblinka”, “The Black Book” – in the creative work of a writer Vasily Grossman the theme of the Holocaust was among the central ones. Today, on the eve of the International Day for the Remembrance of the Holocaust victims, a solemn opening of the commemorative plaque in tribute of Vasily Grossman was held in Moscow. The report is presented by “The News of Culture”.

The plaque appeared on the building No. 23 of Krasnoarmeiskaya Street. This is where the writer lived and worked in his latest years. The authors of the project – architect Alexander Velikanov and sculptor Alexander Tsigal who created the plaque according to Grossman’s photographs. To depict the image of the writer more accurately, they met and spoke with his relatives, those who closely knew Vasily Semenovich.
"In fact everything was organized by Maria Loboda. She is a daughter of the man who was keeping Grossman’s manuscripts. The whole story began three years ago. They offered me to make a plaque for this writer and, you know, I was happy to accept this offer, because Vasily was one of those people whose books had educated me and my friends”, - told Alexander Tsigal.  

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